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Laughing until it hurts.
Jumping in puddles.
Gossiping and bitching.
Monopoly Marathons.
DVD nights in and movie nights out.
Family time.
Feeling cosy.
Starbucks red cups.
Eating until you can't move.
Driving with the windows down and the heat up.
Deep conversations about shallow subjects.
The 6 best people in the world.
Fashion and shoes :)
The hell that is shared accommodation.

are some of the things you can expect from this LJ. If that sounds like your bag, go for it :)

1st Jul, 2007

Have you seen my LJ post from this time last year?

It’s like a different person wrote it!

I mean sure, I still get upset have down moments and cry, but no where near as often as I did, (i.e. every other day) last year.  The things I've started doing this year have changed my life so much, for the better and now that Grease is over I don’t know what to do!

It's helped me find my self confidence, helped me increase my charisma (I can say what I want, what I feel, without bursting into tears) and most of all, it's given me people who support me in something I thrive in.

The last show tonight was amazing, there are some people there who I had no idea cared so much about me.  Jo and Sandy - the directors, telling me how proud they are of me - how glad they are I joined up.  How they see me as a daughter, and I should go far.

Just hearing that sort of support for my favourite hobby from people older than me, having a maternal role that sees how much I thrive as a thespian makes me feel ten times the person I was 5 months ago.  I love them all loads, and they love me.

Speaking of maternal roles though - I think my mum (and my dad) have realised how happy this acting thing is making me and I think, maybe, they're starting to accept it. Its the greatest thing that could happen would be for them to 100% support me in what I want to do, and not be disappointed that I'll never be a mathematician or a biologist or whatever. 

I’m so happy.

Of course, my mascaras has ran halfway down my face - grease is over and now I dno what I'll do when I have nights off from work - I'll miss every single person I’ve made friends with by joining Nunthorpe Players and I need them all to know they've made me feel so so special.  I love them all and it WILL NOT BE THE LAST PLAY I DO WITH YOU. :)

Liz x


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